ANJA Tribal Upcoming Performance Schedule

2023 Ajna Tribal Performances

April 22 (Sat.) 7:00 pm     The Dance Gathering – Moon Market “Mushroom Mania” at Stone Brewing    4300 Williamsburg Ave, Richmond, VA

April 7 (Fri.) approx. 8:00 pm   “PLF Presents: The Return of the Pyro Circus/ April First Friday Street Show Spring Kick-off ”    Gallery5  200 W Marshall St, Richmond, VA

Mar. 28 (Tues.) 7:00 pm     “Tummy Tuesday’s” at Natalie’s Taste of Lebanon  2825 Hathaway Rd, Richmond, VA 23225   reservations required (this link takes you to website – client the menu tab “More” to make a reservation) Natalie’s Taste of Lebanon website

Feb. 28 (Tues) 7:00 pm   “Tummy Tuesday’s” at Natalie’s Taste of Lebanon

2022 Ajna Tribal Performances

Dec. 18 (Sun.)   Janna Beaufait’s “Holiday Hafla”
Nov. 12 (Sat.)  Queens of the Universe Seminar & Hafla with Katayoun Farah
Nov. 5 (Sat.)  The Dance Gathering “Nightworld” Market
Oct. 29 (Sat.)  “Spectacle” at Flint Hill, VA
Oct. 8 (Sat)  ATS® / FCBD® Style World Wide Flash Mob Day  (virtual performance)
July 9 (Sat) Performing with The Dance Gathering at the “Makers Market”
June 25 (Sat) “Dance to a Different Drum” Janna Beaufait
June 18 (Sat) Legend’s Brewery Anniversary Celebration
May 28 (Sat) Fat Chance Belly Dance University FLOURISH virtual performance online show at
May 21 (Sat) Asian American Celebration
May 5 (Sat) Belly Flea Agora
Mar. 25 (Sat.) TriDevi Spring Sock Hop virtual performance
Feb. 26 (Sat.) Dogtown Dance Theatre’s Mardi Gras Festival

2021 Ajna Tribal Performances

June 11 (Fri) & June 12 (Sat) Dogtown Dance Theatre’s RVA Dance Festival
June 13 (Sun) Pride Witches Market
Sept. 26 (Sun) The Dance Gathering at the RVA Black Hat Society Hidden Market
Oct. 30 (Sat) The Dance Gathering at the RVA Moon Market & Vampire Pageant
Dec. 18 (Sat) Janna Beaufait’s “Holiday Hafla”

2020 Ajna Tribal Performances

Nov. 1  Red Sage Rising “Halloween isn’t over until we say so” – virtual performance
Jan. 25 ATS Reunion – Missy Moore performed with Tribal Unicorn, Phoenix, AZ

2019 Ajna Tribal Performances

Nov. 9 (Sat) Queens of the Universe Hafla, Colonial Heights, VA
Aug. 3 (Sat) Veterans Home: Sitter and Barfoot
July 27 (Sat) Bloom VII, Charlotte, NC
July 20 (Sat) Dance to a Different Drummer at Williamsburg Regional Library, Williamsburg, VA
July 13 Witch Hazel Dance Gathering at Fallout! Richmond, VA
April 26 & 27 (Fri & Sat) The international Richmond Dance Festival at Dogtown Dance Theatre, Richmond, VA
April 6 (Sat) Friends of Pump House Celebration. Maymont Park
March 23 (Sat) Enchanted by the Arts Festival at the Cultural Arts Center of Glen Allen, VA
March 16 (Sat) Community giving with the Jewels of the Oasis at The Laurel of University Park senior living center
March 2 (Sat) Mardi Gras! at Dogtown Dance Theatre, 109 W. 15th St., Richmond, VA 4:00-8:30pm
Feb. 26 (Tue.) Tummy Tuesday “Giving Back to Our Community”. Positive Vibe Café, Richmond, VA.
Feb. 9 (Sat) Jewels of the Oasis “Giving Back to Our Community”. The Hermitage, Richmond, VA
Jan. 25   ATS(r) Reunion International Convention
Jan. 5, 2019 Jewels of the Oasis “Giving Back to Our Community”. Barfoot Veterans Center, Richmond, VA

2018 Ajna Tribal Performances

Dec. 29 (Sat) Dogtown Dance Theatre “Fifth Saturdays”
Nov. 25 Holiday Hafla 2:00 at the Williamsburg Regional Library, Williamsburg, VA
Nov. 16 Crossroads Art Center, Richmond, VA
Nov. 4 Cultural Art Center of Glen Allen Sunday Brunch Market
Oct. 30 Tummy Tue. at Max’s Positive Vibe Café, Richmond, VA
Oct. 27 Champion Brewing Co. Richmond, VA
Oct. 20 Project Shimmy-Greensboro, NC
Oct. 7 Cultural Art Center of Glen Allen Sunday Brunch Market
Sept. 25 Tummy Tue. at Max’s Positive Vibe Café, Richmond, VA
September 21 Crossroads Art Center, Richmond, VA
September 15 “Jewels of the Oasis” Richmond, VA
July 28 “Bloom 2018” Charlotte, NC
July 20 “Dogtown Informal Artist Series”,  Richmond, VA
June 23 “Dancing to a Different Drum”  Williamsburg, VA
June 16 “Jewels of the Oasis”  Richmond, VA
June 10 “Queens of the Universe Student Hafla”, Colonial Heights, VA
May 19 “May Faire Festival” Champion Brewery, Richmond, VA
May 19  “Puttin’ on the Raqks” Glen Allen, VA. Hosted by the Belly Dance School of Richmond
May 5 Crump Manor Glen Allen VA
April 24 Tummy Tuesday at Max’s Positive Vibe Cave
Apr. 14 Covenant Woods, Mechanicsville VA
Apr. 6  Cultural Arts Center of Glen Allen, Glen Allen, VA
Mar. 17 Brookdale West End Senior Living Center, Richmond, VA
Mar. 11 The Bandit Queens Tribal Café at the Camel
Feb. 27 “Tummy Tuesday”,  Positive Vibe Café Richmond, VA
Feb. 10 Mardi Gras at Dogtown Dance Studio
Jan. 19, 2018: ATS(r) Reunion  Janine Turner dances with Mandali Tribal
Jan 13, 2018: Glenburnie Rehabilitation and Nursing Center (with Jewels of the Oasis)

2017 Ajna Tribal Performances

Dec. 22 Holiday Hafla (Williamsburg, VA)
Dec. 16 Pho Restaurant, (with Jewels of the Oasis)
Dec. 9  Manor Care Retirement Home (with Jewels of the Oasis)
Nov. 4 Queens of the Universe Haflaween
Oct 31 Tummy Tuesday (Positive Vibe Café)
Oct. 28 “Den of Fear” Haunted House
Oct. 24 Firehouse Theatre
Oct. 16 Weinstein Jewish Community Center
Sept. 26 Tummy Tuesday
Sept. 16 North East ATS Conference
Sept. 6 Firehouse Theatre
Aug. 29 Tummy Tuesday (Positive Vibe Café)
August 26, 2017: To Morocco and Beyond 2017
July 25, 2017: Tummy Tuesday
July 8, 2017: Electric Nomad
June 27 Tummy Tuesday
June 24: Vegetarian Festival
June 24 : Dancing to a Different Drum
June 11: Queens of the Universe Hafla
May 20: Ajna Tribal with Jewels of the Oasis
May 13: Belly Dance School of Richmond
April 25, 2017: Tummy Tuesday!


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Belly Dance School of Richmond

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