Ajna Tribal is Richmond, Virginia’s own professional Fat Chance Belly Dance®/American Tribal Style® belly dance company.

(copied from the Fat Chance Belly Dance website)

“FCBD®Style celebrates the strength and beauty of working together as a group. Formatted steps, cues, eye-contact, and the familiarity of musical phrasing allow dancers to stitch together an improvisational tapestry each time they dance.

Ajna Tribal performs, teaches, and provides workshops on this unique improvisational dance form that appears amazingly synchronized. Given Ajna Tribal’s intensive training in the language of this dance style, the energy of each moment flows seamlessly amongst the dancers.

What the audience experiences is an extraordinary expression of strength, beauty, and pride.

This art form, combined with Ajna Tribal’s distinctive costuming and adornment, brings magic to the stage.

Ajna Tribal is under the direction of Janine Turner, a FCBD® Sister/Partner Studio and certified FCBD® instructor.

While Janine trains extensively with FCBD® advance instructors, she imparts this knowledge to Ajna Tribal, and educates her assistant directors, new troupe members, and students in this improvisation belly dance style.
Janine has participated, directed, and collaborated in many professional events, levels, and in advanced education opportunities.

Her guidance, technique, knowledge, and creativity drives the momentum of Ajna Tribal.

Through her intensive and on-going education in this dance form, two members of Ajna Tribal have demonstrated technique, cohesiveness, and alignment with the fundamentals, spirit, and constructs of FCBD®.

Stephanie and Missy rely heavily on Janine’s instruction, while leading classes and students of this dance form.

Ajna Tribal performs this improvisation form of belly dance at a variety of professional and community events. Ajna Tribal strives to bring this dance form to many audiences, small and large, known or unknown, and everything in between. Our belly dance form allows us to adapt to a variety of spaces, dancers, themes, and venues.

We can dance almost anywhere lol!!!

Our students, Level 1, have taken to this dance form, and show enthusiasm, interest, and dedication.

Our students have different backgrounds, abilities, personalities, and skill sets.

We welcome all to come dance with us — there is something magical in seeing and experiencing a performance come alive within a community of dancers who learn each other, and develop trust for one another.

There is something fulfilling in dancing before an audience, and seeing their faces as we perform in the moment for them.

There is something vibrational in the music we sync our bodies to.

There is something about Fat Chance Belly Dance®/American Tribal Style®