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Ajna Tribal is an ATS® performance troupe in Richmond, Virginia, under the direction of Janine Turner, a FCBD® Sister Studio and certified ATS® instructor.  For information about public and private performance events, training seminars or current classes contact Janine Turner (information below) Janine is a resident artist at Dogtown Dance Theatre in Richmond, VA and The Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen, VA. She teaches American Tribal Style® belly dance at these and other area locations. See a listing of current classes below.

      Director: Janine Turner

     Phone: 804.740.8782


2019-2- Feg Class Instruction for Professionals

ATS® Master Classes

Belly dance is based on muscular isolation and control. That being said, how many of us truly understand and can identify the muscles we are working? Janine Turner specializes in the anatomy and the muscular isolations that generate our ATS® dance moves. This knowledge and understanding will provide the dancer with increased articulation and technical refinement of their beautiful ATS®movement vocabulary for exquisite execution of the dance. These seminars are held monthly in Richmond, VA  and provide in-depth training exclusively on one move per hour. If you ever wanted to delve deeper into the technical art of this dance, these seminars are for you! Watch for upcoming seminar postings, then come and indulge! Janine Turner is also available to present these seminars for both teachers and students nationally and internationally in your own community. Learn how to be a more effective teacher and dancer with this knowledge and training. For more information, contact Janine Turner at:


Fall 2019 Class Schedule

American Tribal Style® Belly Dance (Level 1a)

Come join a unique type of folkloric belly dance in which you learn the “vocabulary” (moves) of the dance and the non-verbal “cues” alerting you to which moves are coming next, then just “follow the leader” as the entire dance group appears to move together in synchronicity. This type of dance, called “American Tribal Style® (ATS®) belly dance, is a “melting pot” that joins together traditional dance moves from various countries such as India, Spain, Persia, North Africa and the Middle East in new and unique ways. ATS® is a community dance that is low impact yet gets your body moving in a fun and enjoyable manner. Whether you have never danced before or are a seasoned dancer, come and enjoy American Tribal Style® (ATS®) belly dance!

Level 1a: ATS®

Location: Cultural Arts center of Glen Allen (CACGA), 2880 Mountain Rd., Glen Allen, VA

Time: 6:00-7:00pm

Dates: Thursdays starting Sept. 12, 2019 (8 weeks)

Cost: $120

To Register: Contact CACGA at 804-261-2787 or register on-line at:


American Tribal Style® Belly Dance (Level 1b)

This  Winter/Spring session continues to work on the fast moves and formations learned in ATS® Level 1a as well as adding zills (finger cymbals) with the movements. We will cover new formations including Chorus and Fade as well as beginning to develop our slow ATS® vocabulary. Zills will be required in this class. You may bring your own or purchase a pair from the instructor for $15.00. Pre-requisite: Completion of the course: “Folkloric Belly Dance: American Tribal Style® (Level 1a)” or the ability to execute the following ATS® dance moves: Pivot Bump, Egyptian, Arabic, and Shimmy

Level 1b: ATS®

Location: Cultural Arts center of Glen Allen (CACGA), 2880 Mountain Rd., Glen Allen, VA

Time: 6:00-7:00

Dates: TBA: Winter/Spring 2020

Cost: $120.00

To Register: Contact CACGA  at 804-261-2787 or register on-line at:


Ajna Tribal Apprentice This program is for the dedicated ATS(r) dancer who would like to be considered for inclusion into Ajna Tribal’s professional troupe. You will train and perform with Ajna Tribal to see if membership in this troupe would be a good fit for you. You will be reviewed every 6 months to evaluate your progress related to technical skills, performance ability, and level of commitment to prepare you for acceptance as an Ajna Tribal troupe member. Pre-requisite: Approval of director. For more information, contact Janine Turner:

Ajna Tribal Troupe Member Open to ATS® dancers who have exhibited the knowledge, skills, discipline, technical accuracy, proficiency, and dedication to dance on a professional ATS® level. Pre-requisite: Residency as an Ajna Tribal Apprentice and approval of director. For more information, contact Janine Turner: