Janine Turner, Ajna Tribal Director




Stephanie Fogner, Co-Assistant Director


Stephanie was introduced to the world of belly dance by her aunt, Margaret, of Lotus Moon. She soon began dancing under Kalima of Kalima Tribal (Salisbury, NC) in January 2010 where she fell in love with Fat Chance Belly Dance®/American Tribal Style® (FCBD®/ATS®) belly dance. It became evident to her that this was something she was passionate about and she was soon performing with Damhsa Gasra Tribal Belly Dance.  She performed with them from 2010-2013, earning her FCBD®/ATS® General Skills certificate in 2012. Upon moving to Richmond, Virginia she began training FCBD®/ATS® under the direction of Janine Turner and joined Ajna Tribal in 2014. Stephanie has performed with Ajna Tribal since then across the states, including the honor of being chosen to perform at FCBD®/ATS® Reunion 2019, the International yearly professional conference for Fat Chance Belly Dance®/American Tribal Style® belly dance in Phoenix, AZ. Stephanie has since studied FCBD®/ATS®, Tribal Fusion, theatrical belly dance, and other forms of Improvisational Tribal Style belly dance under other instructors including Kalima (now Twila Jane Ramblethorn), Megha Gavin, DeAnna Freeman, Carolena Nerricio, Lisa and Terry Allred, Dawn Ruckert, Melody Bustillos, Sami Te, and Suhaila Salimpour to name a few. She is excited to share this language of dance with you!


Missy Moore: Co-Assistant Director


Missy began her dance journey in Massillon, OH around 2007. In an attempt to get fit, she fell in love with belly dance, and soon joined The Raja Groupe, under the direction of Irene “Iraina” Gray. Through her many years with this fusion belly dance troupe, she saw the powerful presence of FCBD®/ATS® dancers. That began a journey which leads us to today!! When Missy moved from Ohio to Virginia in 2014, she sought out classes to learn the style of dance she had been looking and researching fervently. After attending Level 1 classes with an Ajna Tribal instructor, she was asked to join the Level 3/Troupe classes, and was formally entered into the troupe in 2017. Since that time, and under the instruction of Janine, Missy has truly elevated her dance technique and knowledge in this truly unique dance form. Coming from a choreography background, learning improvisation was a challenge for Missy, but she took to it like a fish to water!! She has performed twice at FCBD®/ATS® Reunion, once with Ajna Tribal in 2019, and second as the newest member of Tribal Unicorn in 2020, an international collective of African American FCBD®/ATS® dancers. She was teaching classes with Stephanie at Dogtown Dance Theatre, currently assisting with teaching and mentoring Ajna Tribal Apprentices and Student Troupe, and continues to explore, learn, and educate on the history of belly dance within the African diaspora.

Lois Milone: Ajna Tribal Apprentice

Lois’s journey began out of intrigue and admiration of the tribal fusion dance style and adornments of Rachel Brice & Zoe Jakes. Her musical interests aligned with Beats Antique. Lois searched for fusion-style teachers in Richmond, VA that could teach how to “pop and lock”, but could only find traditional, Egyptian, or a Cabaret format. Hair-flipping-hip-twists were not tribal-punk enough for Lois! In 2018, Lois studied beginner fusion with Damian Bond of Imaginarium for a short period until the close of her studio. In 2019, Lois’s search for “tribal” belly dance led her to an 8-week introduction class for Fat Chance Belly Dance®/American Tribal Style® belly dance taught by Janine Turner, founder& director of Ajna Tribal. She was hooked on this (new to her) unique dance style. In the interim, Lois studied with Twila Jane of Electric Nomad, as she continued with private lessons from Janine. Lois has since remained under the direction of Ajna Tribal’s co-directors, Stephanie & Missy, as an Apprentice. In 2022, Lois became a troupe member of Ajna Tribal. She says “it’s such an honor to be a part of this amazing troupe and a part of the FCBD sisterhood.”