I Will Dance ‘till a Hundred and One

Contribute to the dialogue on dancing as we age!  Submission deadline is June 31, 2017

Inspiration and Plan:

I am 62 years old and I dance! As I have traveled along this journey of life I have learned that while my path is unique, most elements strike a resonant chord in others. And as I hear their stories I become empowered by their wisdom and experience. Things change as we age. As a dancer, this is an important topic to talk about. We change physically, emotionally, psychologically, and socially. By sharing our stories of how to navigate the waters of aging and dance we bring to light a communal wisdom so that we do not succumb to stereotypes, or bad knees, or hesitancy about our physical appearance. Instead, we can embrace this natural process with a depth of understanding and redefine these changes into a positive self-being. This is not always an easy process!

—-If you are a dancer of age who can look upon your dance life with experience and wisdom, I welcome you to share your path in navigating the waters of aging and dance.

—-If you are younger and looking ahead to dancing as you age, I welcome you to share your vision of how you would like to define yourself or what your concerns or expectations may be when you are a dancer of age.

I will compile the essays and images into a book that will be available for public purchase.  May we all grow though sharing and dialogue as we “Dance ‘till a Hundred and One!”

A: The Essay

To participate in this community project, please contribute a person essay. Begin your essay with the following sentence: “I am ______(write in your current age) of age.” Then share your story about who you are and what brought to your current place as a dancer

If you are a  dancer of age, you are welcome to use the following questions to stimulate your thoughts and insights:

  1. Who am I at this age?
  2. What life experiences led me to where I am as a dancer at this age (This is your personal story)
  3. What positive things have I encountered as I age as a dancer? (Physically, emotionally, socially, self-image …)
  4. What challenges have I had to address as I age as a dancer? (Physically, emotionally, socially, self-image.…)
  5. How is dance a part of my life at this age?
  6. If I started dancing later in life, what lead me in this direction?
  7. If I started dancing earlier in life, how has this affected me?
  8. Why do I continue to dance?
  9. What are my concerns as a dancer as I continue to age?
  10. How do I see myself as a dancer 10 or 20 years from now?
  11. What words of wisdom would I like to pass on to others from my life experience as a dancer?

If you are a younger dancer  you are welcome to use the following questions to stimulate your thoughts and participate in the dialogue:

  1. Who am I at this age
  2. What life experiences led me to where I am as a dancer at this point in my life? (This is your personal story)
  3. What meaning does dance hold for me at my current age?
  4. Do I foresee myself dancing in my 60’s, 70’s, 80’s….?
  5. What meaning do I think dance will have for me in my 70’s?
  6. How do I think dance will fit into my life when I am a dancer of age?
  7. How do I think my dance will be affected positively as I age?
  8. What challenges do I think I may confront as I age?
  9. What would I like to know about aging and dance to prepare me for this life process?
  10. What words of wisdom would I like to pass on to others that I have learned because I dance

There is no specified length for your essay. It may be several paragraphs or several pages. This is your story. Use as much poetic license as you would like to paint a picture of yourself and your journey. This may include your past, your present, your future, dreams accomplished and dreams left behind, or any of your thoughts that can give us a glimpse into the unique tapestry of your life. This is your inspiration-Run with it!

B: The Picture

Along with your essay, please include several images of your glorious self preferably in your dance attire to represent the beauty of your age.  I will be converting one of the images into a black and white sketch that will appear similar to what is shown below and will adjoin your essay. (Several images will give me the option of finding a good resolution and quality that will work with the black and white conversion process)

Double Portrait for Web Jpeg

C: The Quote

A quote that reflects strength, beauty, courage, personal-empowerment, or some aspect of aging or dance will adjoin your essay and image. If you have a quote that has personal significance to you please contribute. If not, I am happy to add one.

To Participate: E-mail your:

  1. essay,
  2.  image,
  3.  quote (optional),
  4. and a completed “Release Form”

to Janine Turner at: jmturner_23233@yahoo.com using “I will Dance ‘till 101” in the subject line. Upon completion of the book, I will notify you when it is published and e-mail you a copy of how your submission will appear in the publication. Thank you for your assistance in exploring the varied and rich experience of aging and dance in your personal life and helping us all grow stronger within ourselves and as a community! Enjoy!

Janine Turner, a FCBD® Sister Studio and director of Ajna Tribal

P.S. Please share this information with any other dancer who you feel would be inspired to participate in this project

Release Form Dance till 101