Current Bio Jeg


2017-Improvisational Performance with ATS(r) Directors from around the Globe (Half Moon Bay, CA)


2017 Perfecting Performance- Advanced Certification Half Moon Bay, CA


2016 Technique for Teachers-Advanced Certification (San Francisco, CA)



2016 Directing a Double Sword Improvisational Performance for ATS(r) Homecoming 2016



2012 Teaching Training  and Sister Studio Certification

Megha Gavin, Janine Turner, and Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman



Jennifer Nolan Jpeg USEJennifer Nolan director of Tamarind in Milwaukee, WI  & Mama Ajna at Milwaukee, WI, Tribal Union


Mimi 1 Cropped-JpegMama Ajna and Mimi Fortana director of Manhattan Tribal in NY, NY at Belly Dance Bizarre in Milwaukee WI4-6-2013


7-28-13 Wendy, Janine, Sandi Jpeg 72

Janine training with FatChanceBellyDance troupe members Wendy and Sandi from San Francisco, CA at Kansas City 7-2013

7-28-13Kae and Janine Web

Janine training with FatChanceBellyDance troupe member: Kae (Kansas City 7-2013


10-13 Janine Mimi Beth NEATS Jpeg

NEATS (North East ATS) Camp with Mimi Fontana Director of Manhattan Tribal in NY, NY, Sept. 2013

2013 CBS-Channel 6 Interview with Ajna Tribal


2-2-14 Janet-Cindy USE JPEG

2-2-14 Something Tribal This Way comes, Minneapolis, MN training with Janet Hanseth (Blue Diamonds) and Cindy Elliot (Irie)

2-28-14 USE Carolena-MeghaJpeg

2-28-14 Tribal Con with the Great Mothers: Megha Gavin and Carolena Nericcio


5-28-14 Devi

5-28-14 Training the new moves with Devi Mamak and the Australian contingent at a weekend sponsored by Tamarind Tribal


8-17-14 ATS Attacks!!! in South Carolina, with the fantastic FCBD performer and instructor, Sandy Ball! (Mama Ajna, Sandi Ball, Terri Allred)